Giridhar UDUPA (India) morsing, ghatam, konnakol

Born into a family of music and literature in 1979, was tutored initially by his father Vidwan Nagendra Udupa from the age of 4. Started giving concerts at the tender age of 12; has given concerts under the auspices of prestigious Sabhas all over India and abroad.

Performs on various percussion instruments like the Ghatam, Mridangam, Morching, Khanjira and renders Konnakol..

Apart from playing authentic Carnatic Classical Music, has performed in many Fusion, Jazz, World music and Jugalbandhi concerts and has been part of numerous International Music Festivals with renowned Indian Musicians like Dr.L.Subramanyam, Pandit Jasraj, Ganesh Kumaresh, Sivamani and Kavitha Krishnamurthy and Western Classical Musicians like Virginia Mayhew, Chris Rhyne, Alex Rostotsky, and others. Has been working with many leading film music directors.

He has received many prestigious prizes and played concerts in US, Spain, Canada, France, Switzerland, Germany, Oman and Kuwait.